What’s Safe (or Not) to Pressure Wash

There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching somebody tidy grime and gunk up of a surface with only the energy of water. It’s so fulfilling to watch, truth be told, that there are a huge number of recordings online where you can simply watch individuals power washing distinctive things. Be that as it may, in all actuality, in the event that you don’t realize what you’re doing, it can prompt major damages.

How It Works

A power washer is fundamentally only a water pump that is fueled by a gas motor or electric engine to ramp up the water power from a hose. The water is pushed out through a shower wand, which gives the power important to effortlessly and effectively clean soil, grime, green growth, mold, dust and more off of everything from houses to carports to autos.

There are diverse nozzles for various undertakings and as a rule cleaning chemicals are utilized to help with the activity. And keeping in mind that utilizing power washer cleanser can accelerate the cleaning procedure, there are many occasions where you don’t have to utilize chemicals by any means. They can be inconvenient to your plants, and additionally the rest of the area of what you’re cleaning in the event that you don’t recognize what you’re doing. What’s more, you would prefer not to utilize any chemicals that might be risky for your pets or be destructive to the earth in the event that they go down the gutter.

What CAN Be Pressure Washed

Practically anything that is grimy that can be wiped off with water. It’s truly a matter of what you’re planning on washing as there are sure things that require more care, similar to a more seasoned home that has delicate materials or anything that is painted.

You should be extremely watchful about the paint, stains, and seals on whatever you’re power washing, yet the short answer of what can be power washed is:

  • Exterior siding
  • Bricks
  • Garage entryways
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks and walkways
  • Fences
  • Patios and decks
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Gutters
  • Tile rooftops

What CAN’T Be Pressure Washed (or Should Be Washed by a Pro)

Once more, most things can be power washed, particularly if it’s being taken care of by somebody who recognizes what they’re doing. A professional will utilize diverse tips to decide how delicate the water turns out and how enormous the stream is to guarantee that nothing is harmed amid the procedure.

Anything Painted – There is a hazard engaged with power washing any surface that has been painted. There’s a system required to do it appropriately, so it’s where you should contract an expert.

Wood That’s Been Stained – If you power wash wood that has been stained, you can take that stain off, so you simply need to remember that you will need to stain it afterwards.

Black-top Roofs – Roof cleaning is another range where it’s critical to carry out the activity right. In case you’re cleaning a black-top rooftop, you can’t utilize power since it will take the granules off and totally pulverize the usefulness of the rooftop.

Anything Old – If you don’t have knowledge, the chances are you will harm something, particularly in case you’re managing delicate surfaces like wood or regions with dry rot.

How Often You Should Pressure Wash

Each circumstance is unique and the area of the nation you live in will affect how regularly things like your home or garage should be cleaned, just like the earth around you. On the off chance that you live in an area that doesn’t have a great deal of trees or near a waterway, the chances are that you’ll have to clean this somewhat less.

What’s more, there could be a possibility that only one side of your home will encounter green growth development or mold, so it’s not generally important to power wash the whole thing.

Why Hire a Pro

Each surface is unique and requires an alternate system. Cleaning wood is altogether different than cleaning a solid carport. It’s basic that the individual doing the power washing recognizes what they’re cleaning and comprehends what goes into it.

The individual has to know how much power and which spout to utilize, which cleaning compounds to utilize and when, and legitimate strategy. On the off chance that you don’t realize what you’re doing, you can do harm to you property or, more regrettable, do harm to yourself in the event that you don’t have the information or aptitude to legitimately utilize the machine. In any case, regardless of the possibility that you don’t do significant harm, despite everything you may just not wind up with the outcomes you need.

There’s a strategy to cleaning something like a wooden deck or fence. On the off chance that you stop amidst a board, it will leave a line and that line is not going to leave. You may likewise harm the integrity of what you’re cleaning or shred something totally.”

An expert can ordinarily tell when something was done professionally or by somebody who’s never utilized a power washer. It’s a totally unique outcome on the off chance that you complete it professionally and the clients see that. Make certain you call the experts here at TC Power Washing and get your home cleaned right the first run through!

Can it be Power Washed?

Power washers are a marvelous invention, but that power can be a double edged sword if you don’t know how to use it properly. Having a professional power washer come to your home can save you the need to fix mistakes. Because pressure washers use beams of water at high pressures to operate, these powerful tools can sometimes be too much for delicate surfaces, especially when you don’t know how to use a power washer.

But with the experience of a professional power washer on your side, power washing can be used for many areas around your home. Looking at different areas before having them power washed and doing your research on whether or not it’s recommended can save you the headache of having to potentially fix damage later on.

Deck or Patio

In most cases, power washing a deck or patio isn’t a problem, regardless of what your deck is built with. It’s recommended that you have your deck power washed before you do any maintenance to help get rid of dirt buildup and oil. Doing this allows you to see the areas where your deck finishing has worn through more easily. If you’re having your deck’s finishing redone from scratch, pressure washing will help so the old coat of finishing can easily be sanded away.

Can Windows Be Pressure Washed?

The great thing about pressure washing is that there are different power cleaning machines with different cleaning nozzles for varying levels of water pressure while cleaning. Because of this experienced power cleaning professionals can even clean windows with pressure washing machines! This helps a lot for keeping storefronts and other areas where there are a lot of windows clean.

Power Cleaning the Roof

When it comes to your roof, pressure washing can be the easiest way to clean away mold and mildew without having to risk your safety by getting up there and scrubbing everything yourself. However, it’s best to be careful about getting your roof pressure washed, especially if your roof is still brand new. In some cases having your roof pressure washed can cause you to lose the warranty on your roof.

This is because some roof tiles have granules that easily get blasted away by a powerful pressure washer. With a professional power washer on the job, this shouldn’t be a problem, however, it’s still best to learn about your roof warranty, as power cleaning companies won’t accept responsibility if you lose your roof’s warranty due to pressure washing it.

Pressure Washing Driveways and Pavements

Driveway, pavements and parking lots are ideal places to power wash. Your only other alternative for these areas is getting down on your knees and scrubbing them, which is very arduous and even impossible if the area you want to clean is too big. Areas like the bricks around your pool are also great areas to power clean. The great thing about pressure washing is that it can easily clean away any kind of dirt, including oil stains, mold, mildew, paint, buildup and more.

Walls and Fences

Walls and fences can easily be pressure washed. However, if your paint is already chipping off before pressure washing and you’re concerned that having these areas power cleaned will worsen the problem, it’s best to postpone pressure washing till you’ve redone the paint job. Any areas of your paint job that are starting to chip off will spread more with pressure washing.

The benefit of this is that, much like with the decks, pressure washing an area you want to repaint will help to clean away both dirt and chipping paint before repainting, which makes the process easier.

The good news is that pressure washing won’t harm the paint on your walls unless it isn’t already chipping off, so if you want your newly painted home to look fresh and bright again, pressure washing it is the ideal thing to do.

Outdoor Furniture

You can have your outdoor furniture, statues and even moldy bird baths or ornamental boulders in your garden pressure washed. Pressure washing is diverse, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all. In fact, if you look around your garden, you might even spot other things that can do with a good wash.

Pressure Washing Safety

If you want to pressure wash walkways and parts of your yard that border your garden, pressure washing can be a problem. That’s because some detergents used during the pressure washing process can be harmful to your plants. You want your garden to look good, that’s why you pressure wash it, after all. But dying plants would be a sore eye instead.

To help with this problem, you could request that areas close to your plants be pressure washed with only water. While clean water might not be as effective as detergent to keep mold and mildew under control for long, it’s still good enough to clean away any dirt in your garden without harming your plants. Alternatively, you could ask your power cleaning company to use biodegradable detergents that are safer for plants, although that usually still isn’t as plant friendly as using clean water.

If you would like to freshen up your home, Treasure Coast Power Washing can help. Our team of professional power washers has all the equipment and expertise to clean any area around your home or commercial property.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Commercial Property

The outside appearance of your business property says a considerable amount about your business. Considering that the outside of a building confronts all the brutality of climate components, it just takes a couple of months for earth, flotsam and jetsam and grime to develop on it. These deposits of earth and different materials can make an extraordinary stain on your business building, giving it a grimy appearance and inevitably prompting long term harm if left unkempt. Proficient power washing by an accomplished and legitimate cleaning organization can go far in helping your property with the accompanying;

Power washing upgrades the general curb appeal of the property

There is a motivation behind why everybody is interested in a new structure. The look, smell and feel of this novelty draws the consideration of many individuals. Numerous clients strolling into your business property frequently settle on their choices relying upon the initial introduction of the building’s outside appearance. It is vital to keep your property perfect and fascinating. Contact an expert weight washing organization to tidy up your building and look as you get and hold more clients to your business.

Power washing enhances the security and cleanliness at your property

For the most part of the year, mold, moss, algae, salts, oil, mildew, acidic substances, and other dirts gather on your business property and make exceptionally unhygienic conditions both for your specialists and clients. If not cleaned, these contaminants could meddle with the structures air quality and result in the tenants contracting hypersensitivities and therapeutic conditions like asthma. Power washing is the answer for destroying all that.

Power washing enables helps to prolong the life of your business property

A business property is an overwhelming venture and along these lines should be very much kept up. Proficient power washing helps evacuate the greenery, grime, mold and different contaminants that can significantly corrupt your property after some time. Washing also prolongs the longevity of outside paint and also uncovers auxiliary issues that could be covering up under soil or green growth.

Power washing spares you cash

Much the same as preventative maintenance on your car or house appliances saves you money that would have been incurred in extensive repairs costs, so does pressure washing on your commercial property. Power washing keeps the gathering of soil and different contaminants that could wreck devastation to your building and wind up calling for costly repairs or substitutions.

Power washing enables you to work less on keeping up your building

Maintaining your business is forever your first need and unquestionably calls for more consideration than stressing on the best way to keep up your building’s outside. You can take that weight off your shoulders by having an expert power washing organization handle the outside upkeep of your business property for you. That way, you will have the capacity to exclusively concentrate on your business and clients.

Get your business property spotless and shining today with a weight wash from an expert organization like TC Power Washing. The advantages of a spotless property are verifiable!

Benefits to Commercial Property Pressure Washing

Delaying your business property’s pressure washing can be detrimental to not only your profits but your company’s health. Here in FL, we are hit with a constant sea breeze, carrying with it the salt to deposit all over your building and trapping other outside debris. There are many benefits to keeping your business property clean.

Customers Like Clean Businesses

Few things look as good as a building that’s well-maintained, inside and out. A perfect paint job on a clean building looks professional and clean. And customers love working with businesses that look professional!

This is especially true if you work in the culinary industry or health. But customers will see any business that maintains a high standard for cleanliness as more professional.

Would you like to eat at a restaurant if their parking lot is full of stains and old chewing gum? Probably not.

Your customers feel the same way about cleanliness. If your business doesn’t compete with other options in cleanliness, everything else you do to attract customers will be rather futile. A clean corporate environment is one of the basic things your customers will be expecting to see when they arrive.

Boost Employee Productivity

A clean working space is always nicer than a dirty working environment, but there’s more to keeping your commercial property clean than keeping your employees happy.

Washing areas that are prone to getting mold can help keep allergies and other nasty sicknesses at bay. This will ensure that your employees stay healthier throughout the year!

Where to Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building

There are many areas of your business property that you clean regularly. Perhaps there are areas that you clean on a daily basis. But as time goes by, dirt might accumulate in places where you don’t normally think to look.

When was the last time you looked at your storefront to check if it was clean?

There might be spaces around your business property that gather dirt without you noticing. You don’t notice the dirt buildup simply because it happens over a long period of time, so it’s not an obvious overnight change, but customers who aren’t at your business property every day are more likely to notice these sore spots.

Pressure washing areas like floors and storefronts might not seem obvious to you, but it can help to make your business look more appealing. Even though you probably clean the floors regularly, cleaning them properly with a pressure washer from time to time can help remove stains between tiles or paint marks.

So take a good look around your business environment to check for areas where dirt can build up. These are all great places to pressure wash at least yearly to keep them looking bright and clean.

One area that many business owners completely forget is the parking lot and side walk. But a parking lot with no grease stains looks way better than one that’s full of old chewing gum that’s trodden in and stains.

How Often Should You Power Wash Your Business Space?

There’s no definite interval at which you should have your corporate property power washed, but cleaning it at least annually is a good call. It can be beneficial to write down which areas in your company building you’re going to power clean. This will help you check up on those areas from time to time so you can see how fast dirt accumulates there.

Some parking lots might stay cleaner for longer than others, for instance. But any parking lot can do with a yearly cleaning, and some might even benefit from getting cleaning more regularly than that. This is especially the case with business that fix cars, trucks and other vehicles, where oil stains can gather way more quickly.

If you’re planning to repaint an area on your property, it’s also best to power clean if before starting the paint work. Once again, don’t only think in terms of walls or the roof. Pressure washing your parking lot before repainting the stripes that separate parking spaces, can help the paint job last much longer. This is because pressure cleaning will help get rid of dirt and dust on the ground, so you aren’t painting onto dust particles that will blow off in the wind.

Professional Power Cleaning in Florida

If you have a corporate space that needs a good cleaning, your best option is to call a professional power cleaning company.

Power cleaning machines can be difficult and dangerous to use if you don’t know how. If you use the wrong pressure, you might even blast away parts of the area you’re trying to clean.

Your business isn’t the place where you want to be experimenting with using a power cleaner for the first time. That’s why there are professional power cleaning companies to help you get the job done as quick and painlessly as possible.

At Treasure Coast Power Washing, we can help you pressure wash all those sore spots on your business property.

Advantages Of Pressure Washing For Commercial Property Owners

The undertaking of keeping up the cleanliness of your business property is endless. It can be particularly troublesome if there is a considerable measure of activity as the property can rapidly begin to look rundown if it’s not continually kept up. With profi¬cient power washing administrations from Treasure Coast Power Washing, we will deal with that for you. These are many advantages of weight washing your business property.

Could Power Wash Chemicals Kill Plants?

Power-washing your house is not restricted to stripping the paint from wood for another paint work. Actually, power washing is a down to earth approach to expel years of soil, buildup and green growth from your siding for a crisp appearance. The plants that encompass your home’s establishment are specifically underneath the power-washing application site. Despite the fact that power-wash chemicals are fabricated to be ok for both creature and vegetation, it is feasible for them to harm plants.

Bleach Solutions

Power washing commonly utilizes a detergent answer to expel microorganisms, similar to molds and buildup. Regularly weakened to a 3:1 water-to-bleach proportion, this overflow into your garden in the long run changes into salts as the sanitizer separates. High saltiness in the garden adds to plant death since water assimilation ends up noticeably troublesome for the battling plants. One approach to maintain a strategic distance from bleach harm is watering the plants before pressure washing. As the overflow moves over the foliage, the detergent turns out to be considerably more weakened and does not influence the plants to such an extent. A decent garden watering after the power washing enables you to flush any outstanding bleach deposits away to save the plant and soil condition.


On the off chance that your house is just power-washed with cleansers, these biodegradable chemicals are regularly weakened to a 10:1 water-to-cleanser proportion. Albeit diluted, cleansers add to dark colored spotting on specific plants if permitted to stay on foliage. Utilizing the watering procedure for bleach arrangements, your plants can in any case stay sound, yet you should be exhaustive with your washing for the best outcomes – even a little measure of cleanser left in the garden adds to plant passing.


Expelling plants from the prompt region is the most ideal approach to protect your garden, yet not all plants are pruned and effortlessly transported. On the other hand, cover your open air plant with plastic to avoid synthetic overspray and spillover. Be that as it may, don’t cover the majority of your plants on the double. Power washing takes some time to complete, particularly if the house is vast. For instance, cover plants on the north side of your home and reveal them once the power washing moves toward the south side of the home. Covering the plants throughout the day denies them of air osmosis and adds to heat stress.

Sealant Consideration

In the event that you have characteristic wood siding, it ordinarily requires a sealant after the power washing to safeguard the regular grain. Sealants are more hurtful to plants than control wash chemicals since they are not weakened. You should cover your plants and secure them from any contact with the sealant. For the most part, you can’t wash sealants off of foliage and plants at last bite the dust.

Need some help getting your home pressure washed? Let TC Power Washing take care of the job for you!

How to Protect Your Plants from Power Washing

No matter if you’re a commercial customer or a residential one, there’s a good chance that you have some plants around your building. If that’s the case, you should definitely know how to protect your plants from the potential danger power washing can cause them, because although pressure washing should be completely safe for your garden, not taking a moment to think about the safety of your plants can have reasonably detrimental outcomes.

How Pressure Washing Harms Plants

If you’re hiring a power cleaning company to help clean your house or commercial building, they should preferably tell you how you can keep your plants safe during the cleaning. A good power cleaning company will always try to use environmentally friendly cleaning agents, as the runoff from harmful chemicals can permanently damage the quality of the soil in your garden.

A popular choice among power cleaners is to clean buildings using a bleach solution. This bleach solution is usually bio-degradable, but it can cause problems if your garden if you don’t follow the right steps.

Firstly, you don’t want your plants absorbing fresh bleach, seeing as it’s poisonous to them. Because while the bleach is bio-degradable, it won’t break down instantly, meaning your should take some precautions so your plants don’t absorb fresh bleach after you had your building power cleaned.

Apart from taking measures to prevent chemical damage to your plants, you’ll also need to think about protecting them from anything that can spatter from your walls while the pressure washers are busy.

Because power cleaning machines operate under high pressures, there might be anything from a dirty bleach-filled spray, to bits of paint (but only if the paint was already chipping off the wall prior to power cleaning) spattering off your walls while it’s being pressure cleaned. Naturally, you want to avoid any of this from getting on your plants.

Power Washing Prep: Protecting Your Plants

One of the best things you can do to protect your plants from power cleaning is to remove any potted plants from the area that’s being power cleaned. This way you won’t even have to think about any harmful side-effects power cleaning might have on your plants.

Unfortunately, however, not all plants are in pots. So if you have ground plants close to your home or commercial building, protecting them will take some careful consideration.

Here are some things you can do to avoid damage to your ground plants from pressure washing:

  • Cover the plants: Covering your plants can help to avoid the dirty residue that splatters off your walls from making them look dirty and perhaps even soapy, so it’s definitely best to cover all the plants close to the site that’s being power cleaned.
  • Thoroughly water your garden: Watering your garden should always be part of your power cleaning preparation routine. This is because your plants will absorb less of the power cleaning runoff water if they’re full of clean water from when you watered them. You should be fine if you just water your garden on a regularly basis. But to be sure, it’s best that you water your garden properly the night before you have your building power washed.
  • Eco-friendly detergents: Be sure you know what detergents a power cleaning company will be using on your home. And always Ask whether or not the bleaches and other detergents a company uses for power cleaning is bio-degradable, because there’s no sense in cleaning your house, only to end up with bad garden soil in which you can’t grow any plants. If you want, you could even ask the company to use detergents that are easier on your plants than the normal bio-degradable bleach solutions. However, the normal detergents are effective in fighting off mold and mildew, so only ask for something less harsh if you’re willing to accept results that aren’t quite as long-lasting and effective.
  • Rinsing your plants: If your plants have any caulk or residue on them after the power cleaning job is done, you can simply rinse this off. As long as your plants were properly covered though, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Pick a reputable company: Ask your power cleaning company about what precautions they take to protect your plants during power washing. Some companies might rise plants while cleaning, but of course this will be difficult of the plants are covered. However, asking about what detergents a company uses and the precautions they take to protect your garden during power cleaning should give you a good idea of whether they care for your best interests.

Hopefully your garden will look as bright and happy as your house after it’s pressure washed. By working with a good company and following any instructions about taking care of your plants, there’s no reason to feel concerned about the well-being of your garden after pressure washing it. If you would like to give your home a fresh, clean look this summer, you can call Treasure Coast Power Washing for a professional clean. We’ll walk you through all the regular pressure washing prep we recommend to our clients before coming pout to clean your building.

Approaches to Refresh the Outside of Your Home

Regardless of whether you have lived in your home for a long time, or you are needing your place to stand separated in an ocean of cookie cutter houses, refreshing the outside of your home can make it look more present day. We’ll demonstrate to you a portion of the ways that you can update the outside of your home.

Painting Your Trim, Shutters, and Front Door

One approach to instantly refresh your home is to paint your trim, shades, and front entryway. With the trim, painting it a splendid white can in a split second make it more present day. In the event that your block, stone, or siding is on the darker side, running with a brilliant white or a lighter shading for your trim will make it emerge. Conversely, if your block, stone, or siding is on the lighter side, painting your trim somewhat darker will make it pop, also.

On the off chance that you are occupied with painting your shades, take a stab at utilizing a darker shading, similar to Navy. Navy is a pattern that functions admirably for the two insides and outsides. Proceeding with this pattern and utilizing it for your front entryway can make a point of convergence. Contingent upon what shading you paint your trim and the shade of your home general, navy can be an awesome complexity if whatever is left of your home is light and brilliant. In the event that you favor exemplary hues for your front entryway, red will look awesome beside any shading block, stone, or siding.

Put in New House Numbers

Putting in new house numbers is an incredible approach to refresh your home, without spending a fortune. Your neighborhood handyman shop should offer them in an assortment of various text styles and hues. In the event that you would prefer not to purchase new numbers, basically spray painting your present numbers can make them look refreshed. Additionally, ensuring that they are sufficiently bright so they can be seen from the road will offer assistance.

Add Tile to a Plain Concrete Entryway

One approach to refresh your entryway patio or walkway is to include outside tile – this can be particularly valid on the off chance that you have broken cement. It covers the wrecked cement, as well as enables you to add some identity to your home and to be inventive.

All around Manicured Yard

Making an incredible early introduction is vital, and having a very much manicured yard is the initial step. Disposing of the considerable number of weeds in your yard, garage, and walkway can right away make your yard look more clean. In the wake of expelling every one of the weeds, cutting your garden is the following stage. Arranging is additionally something that can enable you to house look awesome, basically by planting some brilliant hued blossoms, brambles, and trees.

Make a Garden

On the off chance that you need to spruce up your front yard, begin by putting edging along where you will put your blossom bed or garden. After you complete the edging, fill it in with mulch or shakes, contingent upon what you need to plant and in addition your own taste.

Including a Covered Entryway

Including a little secured passage or yard can promptly add some difference and measurement to your home, particularly if the front of your home is by and large level. Including a secured section may be costly, yet it can be an awesome approach to give a point of convergence and give your home extra measurement.

Power Wash

Cleaning the outside of your home will dependably make it look somewhat more refreshed. Pressure washing your home is something that you can do effortlessly. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a pressure washer, you can call a local professional like TC Power Washing. It can instantly increase the value of your home. With a weight washer, you can clean the siding on your home, as well as ready to utilize it on wood on the off chance that you have a patio and on concrete for your walkway and passage.

If you need help pressure washing your home, give TC Power Washing a call. We look forward to hearing from you!