Driveway Pressure Washing

Your driveway welcomes you home everyday. But is it really a welcoming sight? Unless you have recently replaced your driveway or had it cleaned, your driveway is probably a mess. Like anything else, your driveway will get dirty if it isn’t regularly cleaned. Grease, oil and dirt stains are common on driveways, but paint, rust and mildew can also be a problem.

And you might not think much of keeping your driveway clean, but it actually does a lot for your home’s curb appeal. A dirty driveway that’s poorly maintained can make even the best garden look unimpressive. So cleaning your driveway regularly will definitely help you put your best foot forward, especially if you’re trying to sell your house.

How to Clean Your Driveway

As mentioned oil, grease, paint and rust all regularly stain driveways. These stains are pretty tough, and removing them will take some effort.

Many people prefer to scrub their driveways by hand, as they believe it helps them save water. This is unlikely, seeing as you’ll usually have to repeat the cleaning process more than once to get satisfactory results from scrubbing your driveway by hand. However, if you really want to clean your driveway by hand, you can feel free to do so.

Your second option for cleaning your driveway is to have it power cleaned. Power cleaning machines use water under high pressures to blast away any dirt. While the process uses water under high pressure, it doesn’t necessarily use a lot of water when compared to hosing down your driveway and scrubbing it. The same amount of water your hosepipe would use can be blasted from the power cleaning machine’s nozzle more forcefully. This doesn’t mean the power cleaner uses more water, in fact, because the same area won’t need to be cleaned as many times, power cleaning is likely to use less water.

Power Cleaning vs Scrubbing Your Driveway

Now that you know what you options are, let’s compare power cleaning to scrubbing your driveway by hand. You already know that power cleaning doesn’t use more water, but how does it compare to scrubbing by hand?

Well, that depends on what your focus is.

So, here’s a quick review of how the two options compare in different areas:

  • Price: If you want to be thrifty, your best option is scrubbing by hand. Perhaps you even have everything you need already, so it might not cost you a single cent to clean your driveway. One the other hand, power cleaning will require you to rent a machine or hire professional power cleaners to handle to job for you. Both of those options are more expensive than using dish washing liquid and a wire brush to scrub stains out.
  • Time: If you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning your driveway, your best option is to hire a professional power cleaning company to do the job for you. And while renting a power cleaning machine and doing it yourself should take less time than scrubbing, learning to operate the equipment can take quite some time to get used to. Needless to say, scrubbing will take a very long time.
  • Safety: Your safest option is to hire professionals to do the job. Power cleaning machines use water that’s under very high pressure, so the equipment is rather dangerous to operate. Getting down on your knees to scrub your driveway has some risks for mostly minor injuries. You’ll probably bruise your knees a bit and small stones or pieces of glass can cut into your knees while you’re on the ground scrubbing.

  • Results: Hiring a professional power washing company is likely to get you the best results. Professionals know exactly what machine to use and at what pressure for the best results. However, renting a power cleaning machine or scrubbing can also have reasonably good results. Although scrubbing tends to leave faint stains and in most cases, you’ll have to repeat the process more than once for good results.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous and you’re up for a challenge, you can rent a pressure washing machine and get the job done yourself. However, this carries some risks, so don’t try pressure cleaning your own driveway if you’re scared of hurting yourself in the process. The injuries you can sustain from pressure washing machines can be pretty serious.

If your main focus is to save a couple of bucks, you’re going to have to spend time instead of money to clean your driveway. Scrubbing can take hours, and it’s a horrible job. You’ll feel dirty and your knees will hurt by the time you’re done. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll usually have to repeat the awful process. And no, you won’t save much water.

All in all, getting a professional to help you pressure clean your driveway is the best option. It’s safe, it’s convenient and you won’t have to spend any time cleaning your own driveway.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your grass, be sure to ask the power cleaning company you choose to work with to use bio-friendly cleaning products that won’t damage your plants. This is generally a good call, as some products can stay in the ground for a long time without breaking down, making it difficult to keep a beautiful garden.

Why You Need to Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Something that not a lot of people think about is pressure washing their home, or even their driveway. After all, why does your driveway need to be clean? It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to people because they have other home-related issues to worry about. Today we’re going to talk about why you should contact a pressure washing company to pressure wash your driveway at home, or even the concrete areas around your business.

Spring Cleaning the Outside of Your Home

Spring is upon us, and people everywhere are cleaning the insides of their homes. But what about the outside of your home? The outside of your home takes quite a beating between the sun, the weather, and other elements. And when you live in a humid climate like here in FL, it’s only a matter of time before the mold starts to build up. With the pleasant weather upon us, now it the perfect time to get around to all those pesky outdoor maintenance tasks. From cleaning to repairs, here are some of the things you can do to take care of your home’s exterior this spring.

Check Your Roof

Your roof will need some maintenance every now and then. But while you might not have to replace any roof tiles, there’s a good chance that mold and algae have built up on your roof. There are various ways you could go about cleaning this.

One way is to hire a professional power cleaning company to help you clean your roof. However, many people prefer not to pressure wash their roofs, as they feel like it could potentially damage it. In some cases, pressure washing could cause you to lose the warranty coverage you got with your roof. So, before choosing how to clean your roof, you’ll have to learn what cleaning methods and solutions you can use without losing your warranty.

If you can’t pressure wash your roof, you’ll probably have to take some soap and water and get up there yourself and clean it. There are various cleaning solutions you could use and the task might be a bit tricky, but unfortunately you might not have much of a choice in this if you want to keep your warranty.

Either that, or you could pay someone who might be willing to get up there and clean your roof for you. There aren’t really other ways to go about this.

Check Your Driveway and Garage Floor

With all the other areas of your house that need regular TLC, it’s easy to forget driveway maintenance. But checking up on the condition of your driveway every now and then could help a lot in terms of improving your home’s curb appeal.

When looking at your driveway and garage floor, check for cracks that need to be filled. Also look out for oil stains, rust stains and other unsightly buildup that could be causing stains.

Once again, there’s more than one way of cleaning your driveway and garage floor. Luckily though, power cleaning is a great option in this case, as it’s fast, easy and won’t require you to spend too much time scrubbing the dirt off yourself.

However, ask your power cleaner about the cleaning solutions they use. If you have a lawn – or a garden around your driveway – the cleaner used by a power cleaning company should be biodegradable and safe for plants. Some chemicals might literally cause your grass to go yellow and die off, which just leaves you with a new sore eye after your driveway is cleaned.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to power clean your driveway and garage floor, your alternative isn’t going to be any fun. In this case, you’ll need something like a wire brush with some soap (a dish washing liquid solution is safe for plants and works for removing grease stains). And yes – you guessed right – you’re going to have to get on your knees and scrub your driveway stains. Not fun, but it could still significantly lighten your driveway stains. Although people sometimes find they have to repeat the process to get satisfactory results.

Home Exterior

Once again, this is an area where some people feel like power washing is the best option, yet others think it could potentially damage their home.

And once again, this is a lot like other areas. Power washing at a low pressure can get you quick results that look excellent without damaging the paint, or blowing out the grouting that keep your windows in place. But some people don’t want to do it.

If you don’t want to power wash your home, you’ll need to hose it down and use something like a broom to clean it. Much the same as with all your other options, you can choose between different cleaning solutions to see what works best.

Deck or Patio

If you have a wooden deck or patio, it will need regular maintenance. Every year, you should check for cracks and replace damaged wood panels. Many people also recommend refinishing your deck once a year.

Before your can do that, however, you’ll need to clean it. Hiring a professional power cleaning company is the easiest way to clean your deck without hassle, as using the wrong power cleaning machine could result in damage.

Some power cleaners blast out water at such a high pressure, you can damage the wood on the surface of your deck. The same pressure washer you used on concrete flooring isn’t always the best option for a deck – at least not if it’s set to the same pressure.

Why Pressure Wash?

Maybe you don’t want to pressure wash all the exterior parts of your home that need some spring cleaning. But clearly this doing all the cleaning yourself will take more than just a single day. In fact, you driveway alone might be a day’s work.

What this means is that pressure washing at least some of your home’s exterior can free up a lot of time – time you could be spending with your family over the weekend rather than doing home maintenance.

At Treasure Coast Power Washing, we help homeowners save valuable time on those pesky maintenance tasks by providing professional power cleaning services performed by cleaners who know exactly how to clean in a way that’s pressure to be gentle on your house, but tough on dirt.

The Power of Water: Using a Spring Pressure Washing Service to Beautify Your Home

Using a Spring Pressure Washing Service to clean the outside of your home with a hot pressure wash is one of the best and most effortless approaches to rapidly enhance your home’s appearance. Present day society has a “dispensable” outlook; that is, at whatever point something begins to look old or weathered, a great many people accept it’s an ideal opportunity to have it supplanted. Not only is this costly, it’s also wasteful, and more often than not a little bit of effort will restore the object to its original beauty. A good pressure wash can be invaluable in your home restoration efforts.

A blurred or worn deck does not always need to be replaced. It might be re-stained, yet more likely it’s endured excessive exposure to the elements and necessitates a “fresh start”. A pressure wash from a respectable Spring Pressure Washing Service can evacuate layers of soil and grime, getting your deck to its rich unique shading. A solid porch can likewise be returned from a blurred and dirty space into almost new condition with a straightforward power washing. The energy of a pressure wash from a talented Spring Pressure Washing Service professional is astounding.

Pressure washing just takes a couple of hours at most, and the advantages are instantly perceptible. Your nearby Spring Pressure Washing Service can evacuate mold, grime, and soil from any outside surface with a pressure washer, making it shimmering spotless and lovely yet again.

Protect Your Home with a Spring Pressure Washing Service

It’s something you may not see, but rather dirt and debris can develop under the siding on your home and cause some major issues. The development of bacterial spores, buildup, and shape can bring about unfavorably susceptible responses, making you and your family sick. A house with mold issues is hard to sell, and won’t not be legitimate to offer under your state or area laws. A yearly weight wash from your neighborhood Spring Pressure Washing Service can kill off those spores and securely wash away the mold, saving the excellence and respectability of your home’s outside.

Not only can the collected dirt and debris cause the growth of mold and mildew but the accumulation can cause physical damage to the siding. A thick layer of dirt compounding underneath a piece of siding can bend it away from the rest of the exterior wall, which can open your home up to moisture, rot and an invasion from insects. If this problem is allowed to continue, you might wind up needing to replace an entire section of siding. The easier solution would be to call in a Spring Pressure Washing Service to pressure wash to wash away the problem before it becomes too serious.

A Spring Pressure Washing Service Will Save You Money

In addition to saving you from having to purchase new siding, an annual or semi-annual Spring Pressure Washing Service appointment may even make your home more energy efficient. Getting a pressure wash once a year could possibly make a dramatic difference in your energy costs.

For each bit of bowed, disproportionate, or uneven siding, your home loses a little rate of its capacity to hold heat. This implies wrenching up the warmth amid the winter, expanding your energy costs, just to have from five to 10% of it pulled out of your home again through those crevices in your siding. You can likewise wind up with a pervasion of bugs, fowls or rodents which are lured in to the asylum of the little warm openings in your dividers. At that point, not only will you have an issue with your siding you will have an invasion to manage. This can all be forestalled by procuring a Spring Pressure Washing Service to come and pressure wash your siding when you see any issues happening. Much of the time, a great hot power wash from a Spring Pressure Washing Service will help those bits of siding “lay level” once more, cutting off them from access by neighborhood vermin and keeping your home protected.

Expand the Lifespan of Your Roof with Your Local Spring Pressure Washing Service

To accompany the walls there’s the rooftop. No property holder appreciates moving up onto the rooftop to perform upkeep, a great deal less do any power washing. The top of your house is defenseless to a lot of harm and trash from tempests, overhanging trees, neighborhood irritations, for example, squirrels and winged creatures, and changes in the climate. It needs consistent support to stay solid and safe. On the off chance that you don’t savor the possibility of moving up there, you can employ a Spring Pressure Washing Service specialist to do it for you – and chances are he’ll make an a great deal more exhaustive job. Getting a power wash for your rooftop can work ponders, yet doing it without anyone’s help is unsafe and unappealing.

Mold build-up on roof shingles is quite common. In areas with frequent rain and hot summers, homeowners can even get an informal “roof garden” growing from seeds that have blown up under the shingles, taken root in the insulation or in layers of dirt, and In order to prevent this it’s a good idea to have your local Spring Pressure Washing Service clean your roof with a hot pressure wash at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. The Spring Pressure Washing Service technician can clear out all the branches, leaves, and various debris from storms while power washing away all the dirt and grime that’s gathered under your shingles.

The lifespan of your roof and shingles can be dramatically improved by keeping them clean and free of mold or other growths. In comparison, hiring a Spring Pressure Washing Service is cheap and easy, and takes care of an unpleasant but necessary household task.

Many homeowners opt to do repairs and service on their own homes, thinking it will save them money. While it’s not difficult to pressure wash your own home with a high pressure washer, lacking knowledge and experience will prevent the average homeowner from doing the best job possible. Hiring a Spring Pressure Washing Service, on the other hand, guarantees the power washing gets done well while saving you the time, money, and effort involved in doing it yourself. If you or your neighbors have begun to notice a “dingy” or “worn” look to your home, turn back the clock with a Spring Pressure Washing Service. A good hot pressure wash can work wonders to improve the appearance and functionality of your home’s exterior.

Pressure Wash Your Business

It’s time to spring clean your business! Pressure washing your business will remove years of buildup and dirt. Think about the positive influence a clean business environment can have. Having a clean environment shows that you take pride in what you do and that you want your business to make a positive impression on customers and employees. Taking some time to invest in cleaning out your business space properly can have a bigger impact on your business than you think.

How Important Is Cleanliness?

No matter what your business does, customers will place a lot of value on a clean space welcoming them into your environment.

Based on surveys by CDI Research in 1991, 42% of customers judge the overall cleanliness of your store by looking at how clean the floor is. So if you have tiled floors with dirt between each tile, the overall impression of your store’s cleanliness will be lower.

Consumers also place a lot of emphasis on the cleanliness of fast food takeaway places, restaurants and coffee shops. According to research by Restaurants and Institutions, cleanliness ranked at the top of peoples’ lists when choosing places to buy food. Of course, this comes as no surprise, as we all want to eat food from clean kitchens.

When combining the research showing that customers want to see clean floors with the fact that most people are willing to choose your business over another if they think it’s cleaner, it becomes obvious that having clean floors in a restaurant is very important.

But even before customers walk into your shop, they’ll judge your business based on the outside appearance. If your storefront is full of mold, has paint chipping off the wall and dirty marks all over, then customers won’t even bother to come in, even if you have clean floors. Both the inside and outside appearance of your business influences the way potential customers see it, which is why it’s important to keep your storefront clean and to make it look inviting.

Most people, whether they realize it or not, judge the trustworthiness of your business based on how you present it. Whenever a business’s premises looks dirty, it feels somewhat like the quality of service or products bought will be of a questionable standard. That’s because a dirty business premises shows that you lack pride in what you do, making you seem less trustworthy. In truth, the dirty environment conveys the message that you just want to take your customers’ money and have them leave as soon as possible, but you don’t care about providing them with a pleasant consumer experience.

Does Your Businesses Need Pressure Washing?

It’s clear to see that pressure washing some vital parts of your business building is crucial to maintaining an overall appearance of cleanliness. For this reason, tiled or concrete flooring should be a top priority when it comes to keeping your space clean. Your storefront and the exterior of your business should also be well-maintained and kept clean at all times.

But what kinds of businesses need pressure washing? Do only stores, restaurants and fast food outlets need to keep their business premises clean?

Well, keeping your business area cleaner is more important if you work with anything health of food related, so obviously it’s vitally important for grocers, drugstores and restaurants to keep their spaces clean, but any business can benefit from keeping a well-maintained premises.

Even people working in the automotive industry can benefit from creating a more pleasant and welcoming space for their customers, for instance. Do you do car repairs? Are there oil stains on your premises from leaking cars and spills? Pressure washing can help to remove the stains, or at the very least significantly lighten them in order to make your place look more professional.

The same is true for a business that fit tires and fix wheel alignment problems, or one that does panel beating and other car repairs. Keeping a well-maintained area will make you look more professional.

In these cases keeping your premises clean has nothing to do with your customers’ potential health concerns. Most people are reasonable enough to know they won’t get sick from taking their car to a mechanic with an oil-stained driveway. It’s just that customers want to support businesses that pride themselves in the work they do, because they know that businesses that take pride in what they do are concerned about giving customers better service.

Help Employees Feel Motivated

On top of making your business environment better for your customers, a clean environment also improves your employees’ working experience.

Although you probably can’t afford to do special renovations to improve your premises in order to make it a more pleasant place for your employees to work, everyday maintenance and regular cleaning is should be well within your reach.

Think about it – would you want to spend eight hours a day working in your business? Is your business environment pleasant to be in for your employees, or do you make them work in dirty, ugly spaces?

You’d be surprised at the positive effect a better working environment can have on employee performance.

So as you can clearly see, cleanliness and maintenance are the cornerstone of your brick and mortar business. It’s a way to advertise yourself without ever having to say a word, and it’s a way to keep your customers coming back.

But pressure washing any big commercial building is not that easy and takes lots of effort and time. Aside from that, large commercial grade equipment, and expertise to operate them is also needed. If you would like to spring clean your St Lucie, FL business, call Treasure Coast Power Washing to book a professional power cleaning session.


In spite of mainstream thinking, making an awesome initial introduction does not begin with a grin and warm welcome when a guest strolls through the entryway. It starts with the primary thing they see—the outside of your property. A very much kept up outside shows pride in your operation. At the point when a client sees that you endeavored to look after your business property, they’ll infer that you will make as great of a showing with regards to taking care of their business. By including business property pressure washing in your building’s support program, you’ll guarantee that your office’s appearance imparts the correct message.


When first impressions are everything, pressure washing can help your commercial property maintain its curb appeal. Business owners can agree that dirt, graffiti, and other contaminants negatively impact their business, while customers agree that appearance is a large factor in determining their use of it’s services. See how taking the time to upkeep the appearance of your business is not only important for the return on investment of your company, but also safeguards your building from potential vandalism or crime.

Support your curb appeal: Even on the off chance that you don’t mean to sell your property, keeping the outside fit as a fiddle will make it look more up to date and additionally engaging. Each time you pressure wash the property, you give it a facelift.


Neighborhood tidy up administration ventures have reflected wrongdoing rates to drop as much as 30%, and decreased robberies by 22%. At the point when 95% of clients say outside appearance impacts where they shop, you’re building’s outside wellbeing ought to be a top need. Weight washing shields your picture—and benefits.

Greenery, mold, mildew buildup evacuation: Damp, shady territories of a building are the ideal condition for moss, algae, mold and mildew. Pressure washing expels the unattractive developments and keeps the harm they cause.

Make nature more secure: Oil, greenery, mold, mud, microbes and different contaminants increment the danger of falls all through your business property. Besides, workers and clients may track them inside the building, making it seem filthy and lessening the nature of indoor air. When you keep the outside of your business property clean, you diminish the quantity of conceivably dangerous security dangers that enter it.

Forestall repairs: Bird droppings, mildew, moss, algae, exhaust residue, gum and dirt not only look unattractive, they could also lead to corrosion, rot, or decay. Commercial pressure washing reduces these risks and helps save on future maintenance and repair costs.


While you may see your grimy building as the following thing on your errand list, wrongdoing related people may consider it to be a clear wall for their next spray painting creation. Your organization’s notoriety is sadly maintained by the cleanliness of your building, and stands no match against day by day vandalism. Surprisingly more dreadful, vandalized dividers go about as a reference point to hoodlums, and additionally brings about a more grounded shot of another wrongdoing related case happening. Canadians consistently concur that spray painting and vandalism are clashes inside their groups, and further utilize an indication of vandalism or wrongdoing as an integral component while picking a business. In any case, organizations are missing out.

Expel spray painting: You don’t need to utilize poisonous acetones to clean shower paint. In the correct hands, a pressure washer is similarly as successful and more secure.
Improve employee morale: Employees need to assume pride in their position of work. At the point when a building looks spotless and all around kept up, profitability and client benefit make strides. When you enlist a business property weight washing temporary worker to carry out the occupation, your specialists can concentrate on what they specialize in.


The recurrence in which you ought to pressure wash your property relies on upon your operation. On the off chance that the property fundamentally has office structures, washing it regularly, or once a quarter, is an awesome approach to keep it looking appealing. Offices that get more foot or vehicle movement, or those in which sanitation is indispensable (i.e., medicinal services workplaces, eateries and homesteads), may require more continuous washings. The same is additionally valid for properties close development locales that produce a ton of dust, and also those that create dirt of their own, for example, industrial facilities. A pressure washing expert can suggest how regularly you ought to clean your property in light of your operations and necessities.


By having your business industrially pressure washed, entrepreneurs can expect many advantages other than only a shining appearance. Pressure washing guarantees that your next cleaning time will be sliced down the middle… now who wouldn’t need that? Also that your business will diminish the probability of a reoccurring wrongdoing related or spray painting occurrence by 85%, and potential clients will feel certain about their decision to practice your administrations.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are a great way to tackle outside cleaning projects. For smaller jobs, a store-bought washer and the investment of several hours are usually enough; larger tasks benefit from the power of a professional service.

Pressure washers were first developed in the 1950s, and are now used primarily as exterior cleaning tools. Basic residential models consist of four parts: An electric or gasoline motor, a water pump, a high pressure hose and a sprayer, which is usually in “trigger gun” style – a long metal tube with a pressure-sensitive grip handle at one end. Most washers have connectors for a standard garden hose, which acts as their water supply. The internal pump on will provide a set amount of gallons per minute – which cannot be altered – but almost all include the ability to change pressure by adjusting the unloader valve on the sprayer.

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Pressure Washing and Your Deck

It’s easy to forget your deck and take it for granted, but the truth is it needs proper maintenance to last longer and look better. Maintaining your deck is a year-round job, especially here in Florida. But what goes into a well-maintained deck and how can you maintain your own deck without having to spend too much time doing deck maintenance? After all, we’re willing to bet there’s so much other maintenance around your house that you can’t afford to take time off to do everything yourself!

Keeping Your Deck Clean

Deck maintenance starts with pressure washing. This allows for a better staining process while cleaning out any dirt or grime that is building in the wood.

Pressure washing is probably the easiest way to get a proper clean. If you’re feeling highly driven to do some work on your deck, you could probably also take a bucket with some soap water and a scrubbing brush, but this will take much longer.

To pressure wash your deck, you can either attempt to rent a pressure washing machine and do the job yourself, or you can hire a power cleaning company to help you. What you choose will depend, among other things, on your level of experience using a pressure washer.

Using pressure washers might seem like child’s play, but these pieces of equipment certainly aren’t toys. Improper use of a pressure washing machine could lead to damage to your deck, or worse, injury. So while some homeowners might have the savvy to operate pressure washers themselves, it’s best to call a power cleaning company if using any kind of machinery just isn’t one of your strengths. Plus, you’ll also get to save some time on doing deck maintenance yourself!

If you feel confident enough to pressure wash your deck by yourself, it’s important that you do some research beforehand and carefully follow all the instructions. You’ll also have to research what kind of power cleaning machine would be best for work on your deck.

Whatever option you decide to go with, we want you to understand that the person operating to pressure washing machine should know how to use it correctly, as this will ensure that you and your deck come out unharmed. Don’t spend five minutes reading up on pressure washing and expect to get good results.

What to Do Once Your Deck Is Clean?

Once your deck is clean, it will be ready for other maintenance.

To keep your deck looking at its best, you should apply a fresh coat of varnish every now and then. You can reapplying varnish once or twice every 2 years, or simply check your deck for signs that it needs a fresh coat of varnish and jump to work when you see any.

Signs that your deck needs attention include:

  • Areas of deck boards where the varnish no longer seems to be waterproofing. This will show up if the wood seems soaked after rain, or it’s disintegrating by rotting away, especially corners might seem to look blunted as the wood has worn from rain.
  • Finishing on the surface where you walk is visibly worn down. Sometimes the areas where finishing is worn will look lighter if your deck has been built with a lighter wood.
  • The finishing looks dirty. Dirt can actually build up on the finishing, but if your deck’s finishing in prone to staining when you spill things like oil, there’s a chance you need to apply a fresh layer.
  • To refinish your deck, you’ll need to remove the current layer of finishing. This will often require you to scrape off some bits of finishing after applying stripper to loosen the old coat. Once that’s done, you can go to work applying a new layer of varnish.

    If you’re unsure about what products to use on your deck, you can either talk to the sales assistants at your local hardware store, or hire a handyman to do the whole nasty job for you.

    But Before You Refinish

    Before you start the process of refinishing your deck, you should thoroughly inspect the current state of your deck to check for damage. If there are planks that are split, cracked or rotten, they’ll have to be replaced before you apply your new layer of finishing.

    During this stage, you can also check that all the nails are still securely in place and that the general structure of your deck looks good. If there are nails that seem to be protruding a bit, but the planks are still okay, you might be able to get away with using a hammer to get them back into place.

    It’s especially important that you look for pointy nails sticking out on the area of your deck where you walk. Apart from this, you should be very careful so you don’t scatter nails or screws all over the place while you’re working. These can stab into your feet while you’re walking, which can lead to a reasonably painful injury.

    Once all the boards on your deck are looking good, you can repaint your deck with a new layer of finishing. If you did a proper job, the work ought to last you at least another year!